Eco Adventskalender 2016

  1. Dezember1st of December! Time for an „Adventskalender“ and to start the EcoAdventskalender
    Today all my kids got a re-usable Adventskalender (the ones you attach to the wall, made out of fabrics, felt and so on) filled with little cards inside for a variety of things – some will be pieces of chocolate or cookies, some are school supplies, some are stuff for „Basteln“, some extra clothes, and also some eco-friendly shampoo and toothpaste … a surprise each day, but all useful items, no additional stuff to clutter their rooms.

    Well, yes I had to explain this – yet again – to them a bit, but we had 14 years of calenders from Playmobil and LEGO and now it’s just too much toys in their rooms and none of them really wants to tidy up their rooms.

    Apart from that, I’d like to use the opportunity to also have my own“Adventskalender“ to share with e.g. you: Each day from today, Dec 1st until Dec 24th, I’d like to suggest an eco-friendly change in your life. Easy to implement and good for the environment. A lot of people who change a little bit in their life can change a lot on our planet. 🙂
    So, today’s suggestion will be very simple:
    Dec 1st: Check all your hand bags, backpacks, laptop bag: Is there a folded reusable bag in all of your bags?
    If not, put one into your bag! (PS: in case you do not have enough reusable bags, please send me a PM and you’ll get one from me). 🙂