Eco Adventskalender 2016 Dezember 5

5th of Dec: My „eco Adventskalender“ suggestion for today: Try to buy „Mehrwegflaschen“ whenever possible. Best made out of glass, second best option reusable plastic-deposit bottles. Single-use deposit plastic bottles aren’t as good, as they need to be recycled – and as you can see on the picture, those bottles are collected in ….single-use plastic bags! (BTW: Do we know where the recycling of single-use plastic takes places? In Germany? In the EU? Or in Asia?) While the real Mehrwegflaschen are collected in a metal container and then put back into the reusable boxes for bottles. They will be cleaned and refilled. Reusable bottles can be reused around 60 times!
Reuse is always better than recycling! Apart from that, usually the Mehrwegflaschen come from a more regional area around where you live which helps to save energy for the transport.

mehrwegflasche einwegpfandautomat