Archiv für den Monat: September 2020

Stop wasting food

Bundesregierung post to point out waste of food in Germany.
There are several initiatives to avoid throwing away food which is still good.
Things every one of us could do:
1. Don’t buy too much.
2. Avoid damages during the transport
3. Store food in the correct way (e.g. temperature, fridge, protected from insects)
4. Buy also items at the shop which are close to the best-of-date.
5. Try to cook enough, but not too much.
6. If you bought too much, try to share it among friends. Some online platforms also allow to give away food.
… more ideas and suggestions?

Sorting your brain & Getting unstuck

I posted this already on January 17th, then four months later in May, but because of all the changes with the Coronavirus and the measures against it, this feels like a really long time ago… so, I’d like to re-post this.
This time with a picture of the bag I am using at the moment, in winter I used my red bag with my red winter jacket, then I was using my pink bag with my pink spring jacket (but the zipper is now broken), and now I am using this petrol bag (a present from a friend).
So, let’s sort the bag & brain:
I’d like to share one piece of advice which I find helpful. If I feel stuck working on my laptop (e.g. while editing my webpages), I empty out my bag.
And I tidy up the content (also of the purse).
Helps also to identify a few task which you need to add to your to-do-list or can do right away (e.g. put receipts into the trash or put those you still need for warranty or for your business into a folder).
Use a small notebook and a nice pen to write down what you need to remember or need to do. Try to keep information in one or few places. (BTW: writing down things by hand helps me to remember these things better than on my laptop).
Use pens which you really like.
Afterwards, you can nicely organize your bag.
And then you can resume your work again (with the nice feeling of having completed a task). Try then to also structure and organize your work while you are working (You might also be able to tidy up your computer, your emails, … in a very similar way)
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