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Eco Adventskalender 2015 Day 24: Merry Christmas! eco friendly

Merry Christmas – Fröhliche Weihnachten!
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24th Dec over, end of my Eco-Adventskalender suggestions for now (sorry, but this year I did not have much time to post in mid-December): I wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Preferrably eco-friendly … smile emoticon

In our case with a local Christmas tree from Freising, bought at Odeonsplatz – the person who’s selling them is also the farmer who grows them! He’s in the business for 40 years – and we transported the tree to our home in our Nihola cargo bike. Bee wax candles (to avoid paraffin wax), glass „Weihnachtskugeln“ which are reused every year, glass/crystal, straw stars, a few wooden things. Below the presents – all wrapped in re-usable Christmas paper bags or cardboard/metal boxes(which we got and collected over the past years) and some items are wrapped in fabrics or self-made bags made out of fabrics. We managed to down-size the number of presents in the past years and keep it now stable. Not an easy task nowadays…. ( The Story of Stuff Project …): Reduce ….
The tree will stay in our room until Jan 6th, and afterwards all the decorations and paper bags, boxes will be stored for next year
We will cut the tree then and use it as protective layer for our flowers on our balconies: Re-use …
and then it’ll end up in the brown Biomülltonne after March/April to be processed as „Münchner Blumenerde“: Re-cyle …

PS: As for the days which are missing in my „eco Adventskalender“ due to „no-time-for-FB“, I may still add a few posts in the upcoming days.


Eco Adventskalender 2015 Day 12: Action against climate change by states – and YOU!

Eco Adventskalender Day 12:
Finally, 186 states on our planet have agreed to try to do something against climate change.
Great news! Now it’s up to all the states and YOU to change!
Each of us can make a difference, each and every day.
1. Consume less energy and change your energy provider
2. Buy less and better stuff and avoid packaging whenever possible
3. Buy more regional items (nothing against butter from Ireland, but do we really need to consume that in the South of Germany?) to avoid wasting energy for transport around our globe.
4. Buy seasonal – strawberries in winter in Germany? I don’t think so,,,.
and most importantly:
5. Think about what you do! (and you may also talk to people around you)
Whatever YOU do, does matter. Not only for you, but also for your family, kids, friends, and future generations.



Signed agreement of COP21 in English (more languages will follow):


Elektrische Autos jetzt!

Ein elektrischer Mini für den Nachwuchs! Einfach zu kaufen.
Es wird Zeit, dass sich die Autohersteller wie MINI, Volkswagen, Audi Deutschland, Mercedes-Benz, BMW usw. daran ein Beispiel nehmen!

Menschen wollen Elektroautos – wer würde schon sein Kind mit einem Auto losfahren lassen, wo hinten lauter Abgase rauskommen, das stinkt und Lärm macht?

Also bitte liebe Autohersteller: strengt Euch endlich an und produziert jetzt erschwingliche Elektroautos für alle! Und bitte in 2016, wir sind’s einfach leid, „Prototypen“ und „Concept Cars“ zu sehen, die dann für 2018, 2020 oder noch fernere Zukunft versprochen werden!


Die Welt verbessern – verrückt oder nicht?

Wer hätte es gedacht, dass in der SZ je so ein Artikel erscheinen würde? Nach SZ Maßstäben ja ein geradezu positiver Artikel über Tesla , vor 5 Tagen erschienen (29. November) und von uns ganz übersehen.

Warum allerdings hält die SZ Menschen, die die Welt verbessern wollen, für verrückt?

Ich habe deshalb vor knapp vier Jahren meine unbefristete Stelle gekündigt.

Was soll daran verrückt sein, die Welt verbessern zu wollen?
Ich versuche das jeden Tag, beruflich und privat. Und wir nehmen deshalb nächstes Jahr an den 80edays  teil, um auch öffentlichkeitswirksam auf unserer 80-Tage-Tour um unseren Planeten darauf hinzuweisen, dass jede/r sehr wohl jeden Tag die Welt verbessern kann!

Umweltschutz, politisches Engagement, Bildung, … es gibt so viele Themen bei denen es notwendig ist, aktiv zu werden und sich zu engagieren!

Wir haben nur diesen einen Planeten zum Leben und wir haben auch alle nur ein Leben; dieses sollten wir sinnvoll nutzen.


Eco Aventskalender 2015 Day 4: No more excuses

Day 4 of Eco Adventskalender: No (more) excuses!

Quite often we say (or think): Well, I want to do change something, I want to live in a more sustainable way to help my environment, our planet, I want to have a better more healthy enviroment for me, my kids, my family, my friends …BUT [here follows a long row of excuses]

Stop it. Just stop it. You WANT to change? You WANT to recycle? You WANT to live more eco friendly? Then just DO it! Don’t claim „Well, I want to recycle, but I do not know how and where“ Use Google to find the answer! Or just ASK someone!
Talk to other people, ask your friends, ask here in the group.
There are no „stupid questions“ (well, unless you ask the very same question several times and never list to the answers, then it might be stupid to ask).

And: If you cannot solve a task on your own, ask others to help you and join you.

A blind man and a man without any arms could plant 10,000 trees together. Now, I do not want to hear any excuses anymore from people here about how difficult it is to collect paper trash separately (and only clean paper please!) and bring it to the „Altpapier“ bins. I do not want to hear excuses why the electricity provider cannot be contacted and asked about the „energy mix“. Change your provider in case your provider is not investing in renewables! You as individual can do 100 things a day to change the world. You just need to start – maybe just with one little thing and maybe with a little help from your friends.

But in any case: No more excuses.

1st day: Repair! Eco Adventskalender 2015

Because of the positive feedback, I’ve decided to do again an „Eco Adventskalender“ with 24 ideas/suggestions how to live eco friendly(ier).
1st day: Repair!
Don’t clutter your house, your flat with broken things/clothes – which may often lead to new purchases. If you still like something which is broken: Fix it! If you cannot do it, search for a „Repair cafe“ or Reparaturwerkstatt, repair meeting and fix it together with other people.

BTW: Things you fix at an early stage already can be used for a long time, don’t wait until things totally fall apart!

E.g. I’ll do a repair cafe today at my Little Shop of Science from 10 to 12. There might be another one just before Christmas.

In case you don’t know how to fix things or they require really some expert, bring them to an „Änderungsschneiderei“ or „Schuster“.

And last but not least: Do not hesitate to inform the company, if you feel that something was „made to break“. Planned obsolescence must be avoided and even after the warranty period companies should be informed about crappy products.


Mathe im Advent


Ab heute wieder: „Mathe im Advent“
Für alle Schüler von Klasse 4 bis 6 bzw. 7 bis 9 und „Früstarter“ aus der 2. und 3. Klasse können auch schon mitmachen.
Im Online-Adventskalender darf jeden Tag eine Aufgabe gelöst werden. Mathe mit Spaß für alle Kinder. Viel Vergnügen beim Rechnen, Knobeln und „Um-die-Ecke-denken“!
Die Aufgaben vom 1. und 2. Dezember können bis zum 3.12. um 23:00 Uhr noch gelöst werden.
Start of „Mathe im Advent“
For kids from grade 4 to 6 and grade 7 to 9, and this time also with an “early-start” registration for grade 2&3: Online „Mathe-Adventskalender der DMV“. Every day a new maths task to solve. No registration fee to participate and there are some prizes to win. Mathe mit Spaß für alle Kinder. Have fun! Viel Vergnügen beim Rechnen, Knobeln und „Um-die-Ecke-denken“!
This time, the tasks for Dec 1st and Dec 2nd can be solved until Dec 3rd, 23:00!
For all other days starting from tomorrow on, your child has to answer one task per day: Great way to learn maths in a fun way!

Physik im Advent

Und ebenfalls ab heute: „Physik im Advent“ 24 Tage jeden Tag ein Experiment!
Teilnehmen und Preise gewinnen können alle Schülerinnen und Schüler der 5. bis 10. Klassen.
Aber einfach nur so mitmachen kann natürlich jede/r!
Viel Spaß dabei! Nur noch 24 Experimente bis Weihnachten ….