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5 years later: The worst meeting of my whole life

Facebook reminded me today: 5 years ago I was in the worst meeting ever! Really the worst meeting ever in my whole life!

There is nothing worse in life than talking to people who do not listen and who think that they are „superior“ human beings and just talk and talk without saying anything.

Too bad I did not have such a business card back then …

BTW: Almost one yearafter that meeting, now almost exactly four years ago, I left my job.

Nepotism, bad management, and waste of public money should never be tolerated. And I will never accept this.
(yes, still working also on this issue …for all who know the context )

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„Wine-to-go“ in single-use plastic cups

Wine in small plastic cups (single-use packaging)!

First we had coffee-to-go and now „Wein-für-unterwegs“(„wine-to-go“).

I’d like to nominate this product as today’s winner of the
„Things the world does not need“ contest.

Sigh.We are ruining our planet. And for what?!
What’s the point to have nice drinks like coffee and wine and then fill them into plastic cups. Coffee and wine tastes like sh** and contains very likely some chemicals from the plastic and right after the use, the single-use cups litter our planet.

Please think twice before buying such „lifestyle products“

PS: Just wondering – are there really people around who like to drink a „wine-to-go“? Where? On the way from work to home? (I hope not on the way from home to work…)

Don’t come to Europe. says Donald Tusk


Harsh words from Donald Tusk:
„Appeal to potential illegal economic migrants: Don’t come to Europe. Don’t believe smugglers. No European country will be a transit country“

This morning at Athens.
„Do not risk your money nor your life.“
The rules of Schengen will be applied again.

Side note: During the political discussion of Gauweiler & Lafontaine on January 28th 2016 in Munich, they started with a clear definition of three groups of people: 1. Asylum-seekers according to the laws (less than 1% of the new arrivals in Germany), 2. Refugees who flee from wars (Syria), 3. Economic migrants.