Eco Adventskalender 2016 Dezember 17

Eco living Munich

Eco Adventskalendar 17th December: Repair!
Don’t clutter your house, your flat with broken things/clothes – which may often lead to new purchases.

If you still like something which is broken: Fix it!
BTW: This could also be a great Christmas present for your kids.
Maybe they have some favorite toy which is slightly broken? Fix it or have it fixed!

If you cannot do it yourself, ask some friends to help you or search for a „Repair cafe“ or Reparaturwerkstatt, repair meeting and fix it together with other people.
BTW: Things you fix at an early stage already can be used for a long time, don’t wait until things totally fall apart!
It can also really be fun to fix stuff.

In case you don’t know how to fix things or they require really some expert, bring them to an „Änderungsschneiderei“ or „Schuster“.

And last but not least: Do not hesitate to inform the company, if you feel that something was „Made to Break“. Planned obsolescence must be avoided and even after the warranty period companies should be informed about crappy products.

Two more remarks:
1. There is no place where you can donate broken stuff, none of the charity organizations has time to fix it. Therefore broken stuff will always end up in the trash (only very few items can be down-cycled)
2. All Restmüll will go into the „Müllverbrennung“ and then what’s left will be deposited. Do we really want that our kids inherit our stuff like this (=bad air & landfills)?