Eco Adventskalender 2016 Dezember 13

Eco Adventskalender December 13th:
Polar bears are cute, right?
However, the number of polar bears will decrease by about 1/3 until 2050 according to predictions of scientists. The ice is melting, polar bears don’t have enough area to live. It’s our fault.
I’d like to share a little personal story: About 12 years ago my best friend who lives in a little town in Northern Germany told me that one day her sons and his friends complained about having to ride their bikes to their sports club with her. Contrary to other mums in that little town, my best friend decided to go by bike to their sports lessons. When her sons and his friends started to ask her „Why don’t we go by car? Why do we have to go by bike?“ she looked at them and asked: „Do you want that the polar bears will drown in the sea, just because we used up so much energy, warmed up our planet so much that the ice started to melt, and all the ice disappears? The polar bears will drown!“ End of discussion.
The funny thing is: I really LOVED her story and her arguments!
Funny: My best friend now does not even remember this anymore.
But for me and my kids, this became the new „motto“:
„Do this/Don’t do this, otherwise the polar bears will drown!“
Rule Number 1: We live on the 5th floor, but nobody is supposed to use the elevator. It keeps you healthy to walk down and up each day, we save time and money for the fitness studio. *If* someone is really carrying heavy stuff, it’s an exception (weekly shopping at the farmers market)
Rule Number 2: Always switch off the lights in rooms whenever you leave.
Rule Number 3: Only use the heating if you need it, in winter make sure not to turn it off, but leave it on a lower (1 or 2) position. Don’t overheat rooms. Turn the heating completely off whenever you open the windows.
Rule Number 4: Think about your actitivities and how you get there. E.g. there are very nice places for holidays which are reachable by public transport. Think about whether you really need to fly. And if you fly, at least make it worth the trip, stay long enough at the destination.
Rule Number 5: Try to buy local.
Rule Number 6: Try to buy high quality items and try to repair broken items.
What would be your rule?