Eco Adventskalender 2016 Dezember 11

Eco Adventskalender December 11th:
Plastic is great! It’s a great material, I love it for e.g. skiing helmet, protective devices for sports, medical devices, we need it for many things.
However, for other purposes – like single-use plastic packaging – it’s totally stupid to produce stuff made out of plastics.
My kids did something funny this weekend: My 11 and 8 year old, and they totally started this on their own: they started to walk around in our flat searching for items made out of plastics. And then they always discussed whether there is an alternative solution which is made out of another material (if yes which one) or if it’s not necessary at all.
Could be a fun exercise also for other families? Also nice for smaller kids who can then learn something about different materials around them.

PS: I will ask them today why they started it (did not seem to be a part of homework, but I’ll check),