Eco Adventskalender 2016 Dezember 16

Eco Adventskalender December 16th:
If you buy food, please try to buy local and organic.
It’s better for the environment, less energy is needed for the transport (less pollution, less CO2 emission). And it’s also easier to trace back the food, e.g. meat and to find out about how the animals grew up, how they were slaugthered.
Check also the philosophy of e.g. Herrmannsdorffer, Chiemgauer Naturfleisch or TAGWERK (see picture).

Some of these companies also take care to avoid stress for the animals before they are slaughtered. I’ve never been at a Schlachthaus in my life, but once my husband and I drove on a highway at night and when we went for a short break, we saw or better heard a truck filled with pigs. Squeezed into the truck and the animals were really stressed and it sounded as if they were screaming (for certain products, you’l never know if it could be pigs from Poland delivered to Italy, to be converted to Italian salami which we then buy in a Munich supermarket).
I believe it’s much easier to trace food and also to find out if there is anything wrong with how the animals live, if that’s happening closer to where we are.